5 Essential Tips to Laser Hair Reduction

Are you tired of waxing, shaving, or plucking your hair? Then permanent laser hair removal can be the best option to get rid of your unwanted hair. However, if you are yet to have a laser hair removal experience, you may have many questions in your mind. Will it hurt? How many sessions will it take? What side-effects you may or may not have? You are not alone with these questions since many people carry several doubts before a session. With years of providing the best laser hair reduction in Chandigarh, we will roll through five essential tips about laser hair removal.

You May Need Multiple Sessions 

The most important thing to know is that laser hair reduction needs multiple sessions . Although it works flawlessly even with darker skin tone and darker hair, but for the best results you may need anywhere between 5-10 sessions .. For a safe laser hair reduction ,you may visit the best skin specialist in Chandigarh. You can be guided after a thorough assessment of the type of hair as to how many sessions you might need for hair removal .

Avoid Waxing or Tweezing Before

A common mistake that people often commit is getting waxed or tweezing before their laser hair reduction. All hair removal methods are not for simultaneous application. While lasers reduce the hair by acting at the roots with an optimum laser beam over the target area, waxing or tweezing offers a temporary solution. When you are going for a permanent solution, why waste time and money on unnecessary things. However, you can shave the area with a razor to get the best laser hair removal results. 

Experience pain free sessions 

Yes.   That’s true.  With the advancements in the field of lasers , your hair removal sessions can be completely comfortable and pain free. There are almost no chances of any redness , irritation or burns like it used to be years back . Your session can be completely comfortable and quick with no down time .If you are working with the best skin specialist in Chandigarh, you may resume your work immediately post session with absolutely no discomfort after the laser hair removal session . 

No harm on skin 

Yes that’s true . Laser hair reduction has absolutely no effect on your skin. There are hardly any chances of burns or pigmentation with the latest diode hair removal lasers. It is a completely safe procedure when done in safe hands. Infact ,people take full body laser hair removal sessions and resume work right away.  

Always Trust a Skin Specialist for Hair Removal

Most of the time, people are afraid of the after-effects from the laser therapy, for obvious reasons. However, when you go for the best skin specialist for your laser therapy, you get more than just hair removal. Experts can conduct a thorough analysis of your skin to create a safe, customized plan suitable for your skin. Skin & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic from Dr. Geetika Paul has helped many achieve the best results with laser hair reduction without any unwanted side effects.


Here we conclude some of the essential tips you need before going for laser therapy. These can be helpful to determine when to or when not to go for permanent hair removal. Opt for smooth skin by taking laser hair reduction sessions  anywhere from Dr Geetikas skin & cosmetic surgery clinic to experience the best hair reduction therapy. Follow us for more informative blogs like this.