FAQs for Skin and Cosmetic

An acid solution applied to the skin for cleaning is known as a chemical peel. It will give you a young, fresh skin layer by dissolving the outermost layer. Peels effectively treat several skin issues including, but not limited to, sun damage, aging, mild scarring, aging, acne, and uneven skin tone. Chemical peels can be light, , mid depth or deep, and a skin specialist can assess your skin and give you the best suited peel.
A professional cleansing, beautifying, and purifying of the face and neck is known as medifacial. There are a variety of medifacials and they can be planned according to ones skin type and the skin concerns . Facials can be scheduled as per your skin type or requirement. However, most skin doctors recommend medifacials every four weeks. It may take you anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes for different medifacials. A medifacial not only purifies your skin but also helps us to treat various skin concerns like acne , scars , tanning, pigmentation,age spots, fine lines ,wrinkles etc .
The biggest difference between laser hair removal and other hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving, or plucking is that laser hair reduction leads to permanent thinning and reduction of hair growth while other measures helping in hair removal are temporary and can rather lead to increased hair growth over time .
It is the most common skin disorder, known to affect an estimated 20 million Indians by the end of 2026. Commonly termed as an adolescent issue, acne can affect your skin at any age. It can appear on your face, chest, and back. Acne on your skin can be a result of anything from bacterial infection to eating unhealthy. While the causes can be tricky, the results are horrible since acne block follicles, grows bacteria in those follicles, and overproduces oil. Anything from changing medicines or a shift in hormone levels or stress or something else can trigger acne. Regardless of the cause, acne needs early treatment to avoid scars. There are four grades of acne. Grade 1, the most common among people, includes open and closed comedones, aka blackheads, and whiteheads. Grade 2 includes papules alongside Grade 1 issues, whereas Grade 3 includes pustules alongside the previous two grades. The most advanced acne form that also contains cysts or nodules under the skin surface is Grade 4. Getting acne anywhere can be psychologically and emotionally challenging. But we can help you with effective acne treatment. Acne treatment can help improve your life quality, and self-esteem. With treatments available for all acne grades, we can help you eliminate all acne types in the body.
As we have progressed with time, a wide range of antiaging products has filled store shelves. Thanks to skincare professionals' innovation, antiaging regimes are not limited to people with discoloration or wrinkles. Now, consumers start caring for their skin at quite a young age. Antiaging treatments are used to prevent the changes that come with age, such as wrinkles. These treatments from skincare professionals are done with a wide variety of chemical exfoliation, lasers and medifacials. Many factors determine the type of antiaging treatment required, such as level of sun damage, skin maturity and chronological age, skin type & condition, and your goals. The results rely entirely on the kind of program and methods used by our team.