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Hair Transplant


A hair transplant surgery is a medical procedure to treat people with permanent hair fall. But, like all medical procedures, it involves a minimal amount of risk and recovery time may vary.It is better to know in detail about the procedure, before deciding to go in for one. Here, we try to help you understand, what is a hair transplant procedure, how is it done and where can you have the best hair transplant .

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant
There are a number of advantages of the hair transplant surgery over the others to help regrow the lost hair.

• The hair being transplanted comes from the patient’s own scalp hence there is no variation in colour or texture
• The transplanted hair is completely natural and no separate maintenance mechanism is required.
• No chemicals or external medicines are used and hence the safety factor is much higher
• It is a long term or permanent solution.

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Can anyone get a hair transplant?

• The patient should be in good health condition except for androgenic alopecia.
• The hair loss should be in a particular location and not diffused all over the scalp
• The transplant may increase the density of the hair, but it will not take you back in time to when you had a head full of hair
• The transplanted hair will fall off after the surgery and full recovery and regrowth may take 8-12 months.

After the surgery, the doctors at our centre– one of the best hair transplant clinic in Tricity – will cover the surgical site with bandages, which will be removed within 1-2 days. You can return to work within a week if you are undergoing FUE. But, do not undertake strenuous physical activities unless your doctor gives you a go ahead to do so.

Hair Transplant procedure

Hair transplant surgery involves taking hair follicles from an area of your scalp where the density is high; and grafting it onto another area where the growth is minimal or there is a bald patch.

The techniques used to do this are majorly of two types

• Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)/ Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
• Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
These techniques differ in the way the hair follicles are extracted for the transplant. In FUT, the doctors remove a 6-10 inch strip of scalp tissue from a high growth area under the effect of local anaesthesia. The individual follicles are then separated from this strip. On the other hand, in FUE, each follicle is individually extracted again under the influence of local anaesthesia.

Once the doctors have extracted individual follicles, these are transplanted to the bald area and grafted by making tiny punches in the region.This is a fairly extensive surgery and can take anywhere between 4-6 hours.