Microblading Eyebrow

What are the Advantages of Microblading?

  • The process is efficient in giving you a natural-looking, groomed, and well-shaped eyebrows.
  • You can decide the density and the shape that you want and we can plan your eyebrows accordingly.
  • At Dr Geetikas Skin & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, microblading is performed by a brilliant team of Dr Geetika and Dr Aakash with years of expertise in a clean and hygienic environment.

What to Expect in a Microblading Eyebrow Treatment?

Firstly, our dermatologist will examine your eyebrows along with detailed consultation to guide you on the pros and cons associated with microblading.

Secondly, the new structure or outline of the eyebrow is produced by learning your face ratios with a temporary marker. Following to which local topical anesthesia is applied to soothe your pain.

The microblade is then set up with pigment color. The blade is immersed in the pigment and natural strokes are formed on the eyebrows. The fine blades create multiple, thin, and delicate strokes similar to fine hair. The supplementary pigment can be applied to set the strokes perfectly. Lastly, the final touch up is given.

Following the procedure, you will be asked to keep your brows dry for nearly 7 days. You need to forgo any activity that can make you perspire or sweat like a gym or sauna.

How Many Sessions will I Need?

Generally, you will need to visit the clinic for follow up after 3-5 weeks and a touch up session can be given if required. It usually needs 2-4 sessions to achieve the desired density .

Once done, the eyebrows will last for 8-12 months and many times even more depending upon various factors .. If you wish, you can get a repeat session done according to your convenience.

What Should I Do Before My Treatment?

Prior to your treatment, you need to inform your doctor regarding your medications (if you are on any)..

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