Thread Facelift

Thread Facelift

Thread lift is a treatment which is also known as the lunch hour lift or mini thread lift. This is a non-surgical procedure and is an alternative to traditional surgical face lifts. In a surgical face lift, sagging skin is lifted with the help of threads. Thread lift is crafted to be minimally invasive and works for optimum results on the loose skin on your face – cheeks, jawline and neck. This is considered better than the traditional treatment because it enhances collagen production in your skin and hence works more effectively and quickly.

It comes along with no risk. Candidates suitable for a thread lift can be between the age of 30 – 60 years old. Now-a-days, people are considering thread lifts in early age as well for cosmetic treatments like lifting the eyebrows to get a accurate shape.

Thread lift is a procedure which involves elevating different parts of the face using special threads without having to make surgical incisions as with a classic face lift.. Patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, generally those in their mid-thirties to fifties are suitable candidates fit for this procedure. Thread lift is usually performed using a local anaesthetic. Recovery is generally quick. There are two main types of threads or sutures used: smooth or suspension threads which need to be anchored to a stable structure of the face or scalp and free floating cogged or barbed threads which do not need to be suspended in order to hold the lift.

There are no side effects except mild discomfort and small puncture wounds, which may disappear in few hours. .Chances of bruising and mild swelling are there as with any other cosmetic procedure but may not last for more than few days. Do not take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications for few days before surgery, as this may contribute to a greater risk of bleeding. Healing may be delayed in smokers . Patient with uncontrolled diabetes may require a course of oral antibiotics to prevent chances of infection.

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